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Why Whole-Body Vibration?

Power Plate's PrecisionWave™ Technology Helps Members:

Recover Faster

Increase Strength

Increase Circulation

Reduce Pain

Improve Core Strength

Improve Bone Strength

Improve Flexibility

Activate More Muscles

How our partners build success with Power Plate?

Personal Training Revenue

Power Plate used with Personal Training department access  only, adds exclusivity that increases the value of training sessions resulting in more personal training sales.

Increasing Membership Revenue

Adding Power Plate to tiered memberships access only increases the value of membership tiers by providing a solution that can enhance warmups, workouts, and recovery to get more results in less time.

Elevate the Club Experience

Leaning on the prestigious pedigree of Power Plate's legacy and elite clientele, clubs implement Power Plate to remain relevant & competitive by differentiating vs the competition with the highest end equipment and experiences.

Small Group Training

Power Plate provides the perfect solution for operators to create a unique, results driven, small group training environment to drive client engagement and create revenue growth, complete with operator launch guides and free programming.

Resources and Exercises

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We offer a variety of exercise videos on our YouTube channel such as:

20 Minute Barre Workout

20 Minute Golf Conditioning

Upper Body Recovery Session

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